Workable Tips to Improve the Conversion Rate

Developers and business owners know that there are ways to make users feel more comfortable with different offers. There are tools and strategies that can assist you in developing of your business:

Provide tutorials.

Sometimes new users require some help in learning the system and its possibilities. Contextual help could be a sound solution in this case as video guideline can be too complicated and FAQ not always provide enough details for better understanding.


Thanks to Tutorialize it is possible to add tooltip-style actions. In demo version of the site or service this tool enables you to highlight particular places of the site. You can use this tool on 20-day free trial, $14/month subscription with brand advertisement or $34/month subscription without ads.


On the one hand, this tool performs in a same way as Tutorialize, though it is more customizable. With its help it is possible to lead users through the website or SaaS following tooltips. One of the distinctive features of this tool it is possible to group users in certain segments and customize them. As a result, particular groups will see particular tooltips and you will be able to track the effectiveness of the guideline in terms of conversion. This tool works greatly also with KISSmetrics. The price of the subscription starts at $45/month (with up to 250 active users).

Email-Based User Onboarding

On-screen tutorials are not the only and compulsory ways to guide users through the website or service. There are also other ways to do it: online live help, helpdesk, email-based support, though these methods today are considered to be outdated. Email based user onboarding is a new method that has replaced them.

This platform is the most appropriate for email and in-app-based engagement systems.