Create Perfect Catching Video Content

Cisco’s analytics suggest that in a year 70% of all Web traffic will be taken by video, and what is interesting, almost all video will be created with help of smartphone, tablets and other non-PC devices.

You can benefit on this fact by creating interesting, fresh and original video content. Also you should follow some steps to make your content shareable and optimized for viewing on different devices, platforms and screens. To create ideal conditions for your video content to become a star, use these tips.

When you share your video on the social media, you have no idea whether it will become popular or not.

How to make a video potentially attractive

  • Make the video easily accessible and on-message
  • The first impression counts for everything – make sure that the video is authentic, doesn’t resemble any other video you can find on social media, and draws attention
  • Make it a part of larger story – thus viewers will be interested in watching your videos in future
  • When you place call-to-action option to the video, it is your chance to get a conversion from the video (or you can place Annotations throughout to it).
  • Use an example of Mirabeau, French vine producer – the company won popularity with a single video, how to open a bottle without a spin. Now they have a huge selection of videos and every video brings them a lot of new visitors and leads. All their videos have softly-softly adds and annotations so viewers often become customers.
  • Use video content to support the image of your brand – make the best of the views, leads and shares on the social media.
  • Look through the recently launched Google lessons how to create videos for YouTube – you will find a lot of interesting and useful staff there.

There are three categories of videos distinguished by the users of YouTube: Hygiene, Hub and Hero. The first one is about brands and industries, the second one is about constant updating of channels or blogs that refreshes content and interest of viewers. Hero content is a live-stream video content and it is the most demanding, yet the most attention-driving video.