How to Make Your Site More Accessible?

Convenient and straightforward navigation, great design, fresh interesting content are among the reasons of the website’s success. Unfortunately for web developers and owners of the sites, these factors are not the only necessary things to do to make the site popular. No matter how great is your content, or eye-pleasing your design is, if the accessibility is on the low level, the whole site will be neglected. That is why improving of it is a definite must-do for developers and designers.

Upgrade your site with help of the following tools

  • Stanford Web Accessibility Checker – tool for analysis of the factors that can decrease accessibility of the site. Just enter the URL or a working file to the tool and receive a report.
  • Quick Page Accessibility Tester – this small but extremely efficient tool will notify you about possible issues and shows places on the page that can be improved.
  • WAVE depicts the indicators and icons that represent the level of accessibility of your page.
  • Check My Colours. With help of this tool make sure that the color palette you use provides enough contrast to users with color deficits.
  • GrayBit checks the contrasts changing all colors to the greyscale.
  • Lynx Viewer – this tool presents you the way how search engines see your pages as well as test whether people with impaired vision can view your website.
  • Vischeck shows the view of your site as color blind people see it.
  • Accessibility Color Wheel helps to find the matching color for your color scheme that improves accessibility.
  • HERA checks accessibility of the site according to the requirements of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • Cynthia Says finds errors in the design distinguished by Section 508 standards.
  • mobiReady – test tool that checks mobile friendliness of your website.
  • Color Contrast Check helps to create pairs of colors that guarantee great contrast.
  • WebAnywhere gives a possibility to work with pages like with screen readers.
  • WAT is a toolbar with great functional that allows to test the page for many aspects of accessibility.