PHP Tips and Tricks on Creation of Dynamic Websites

What is PHP? Programmers are acquainted with it as with an open-source language that is the most appropriate for creation of server-side apps and dynamic content for sites. One of the positive features of PHP language as documentation page provides all-encompassing information concerning the code with samples, explanations how to write programs on it and gives API references.

The thing that isn’t covered there is a description of programming techniques that can simplify and reduce time of development of the app. And the book PHP Hacks Tips & Tools for Creating Dynamic Websites fills that gap.

The author, Jack Herrington, has gathered a lot of tip and PHP secrets during years of experience in programming different apps in PHP and with help of his advice you will be able to craft PHP app within several minutes. PHP will be a rocket science to you no more as ten chapters of the book cover all essential information about it and reveal the secrets of fast programming.

  1. Installation and Basics

In this chapter you will find detailed explanation how to install PHP on different platforms and how to use PEAR source code repository.

  1. Web Design

Here you will find workable tips how to create great UI with HTML using PHP, for example, hpw to create tabs and boxes for the app.

  1. DHTML

Essential information about creation of interactive interfaces: how to implement Ajax using JSON, how to create pop ups, vector graphics, spreadsheets etc.

  1. Graphics

Did you know that PHP can be used to create graphics? Here you will find info how to take its possibilities to your advantage.

  1. Databases and XML

Here you will learn how to get quick access to databases with help of PHP.

  1. Application Design

The chapter covers all nuances of app design.

  1. Patterns

This chapter is a reference of Design Patterns book.

  1. Testing

All that you wanted to know about testing of PHP code and apps.

  1. Alternative UIs

Here you will find essential info about desktop possibilities of PHP.

  1. Fun Stuff

With help of some prompts you will be able to create your own Google map or upload Wiki to your PSP.