Web-Based Tools for Designers

Web developers, like many other people, now start to implement web-based applications in their working schedule. With help of these tools designers are able to manage their assignments with help of any computer with relevant version of the web browser.

6 Free WEB Tools for Designers

Adobe BrowserLab

This tool is perfect for testing of the website as it gives a possibility to preview the site on different browsers and OS. BrowserLab is integrated with Dreamweaver CS5, moreover, you can launch it from Dreamweaver. One of the really helpful features is ability to compare one page in two different browsers at the same time. There is also a free Firebug add-on.

MockingBird Mockup Tool

It is a drag-and-drop tool that is able to edit the mockup of the website creating a layout of the page, including form fields, videos and images. With help of this tool you will be able to create a vision that you have in your mind.

YUI CSS Grid Builder

This tool is extremely straightforward and user-friendly. Select the size of the webpage, the number of columns, specify the width of the sidebar and split the content row in columns, if necessary. Add a header and footer content. And with help of the Show Code button you can save the generated CSS code.

Pixlr Online Image Editor

Edit and upload pictures with help of this tool as well as edit pictures taken from the Internet using online URL. It is a simple online editor that will come in handy to those who are searching for alternative to traditional desktop apps.


With help of this tool you will have a possibility to transfer the files to your web server without access to your computer. Just use your FTP login details and do what is necessary.

Favicon Generator

Everyone have seen that small icons in the browser’ URL bar, but not all know where to make them. This is the place where you can create the favicon – select an image from the computer and click the button. That’s all you have to do.