Web-Based Tools Any Developer Should Know

Not many developers are using online web-based tools for fulfilling their common dev tasks. However, the tendency of using up-to-date web browsers for dev needs grows in popularity and many developers take an advantage of it.

Here are some web-based tools any developer should know:

  • Adobe BrowserLab. This is a perfect tool for testing your website as it will preview the site using multiple browsers and operating systems. Taking into consideration that it is an Adobe product it is integrated with Dreamweaver CS5 so it can be launched from there. One feature that many developers may find really useful is to compare the view of the same site in two browsers side by side.
  • MockingBird Mockup Tool is a wireframe tool to create different mock ups for designs, no matter what you are designing at the moment. With its help it is downright to show your clients your vision of their future website. It is a drag-and-drop tool with intuitive design so you can drag the items like from fields, videos, images etc. from the left side of the page to the layout.
  • YUI CSS Grid Builder. This tool is very easy to use, its intuitive design enables you to create grids for your new website – you just have to select the size, number of columns with specific widths for the sidebar, set header and footer and so on. After finishing your work you will be able to save the CSS code generated for the site with help of Show Code button.
  • Pixlr Online Image Editor is a great alternative to traditional tools of editing applications (however, its functional is not as vast as Photoshop has).
  • Net3FTP enables you to transfer files to the web server. It won’t make some challenging tasks, however, it provides a solid FTP client.
  • Favicon Generator – it is a tool for creating small icon that is shown in the browser’s URL bar.