Top List of Analytic Tools

To make a thorough analytics of the performance of the website you have to use several workable tools. Of course, no one expects you to use all these tools all of the time, however, they can come in handy when you will want to see the full picture of your top options.

In fact, web analytics concerns the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data of the website, that will become the basis of the improvement that will result in the outcome.

Google Analytics

This free service is simple to use, workable and providing detailed statistics about visitors of the website. Google Analytics is used by more than a half of the top 10,000 websites for a reason: here you get all-rounded information concerning the visitors, where they come from, what are they doing and how often they come back.

Yahoo Web Analytics

This tool proposes more complicated analysis of the data than Google Analytics and there are some features that Google tool misses, like the possibility of importing cost of goods data. It is a tool for those who want to get a deeper insight.

Crazy Egg

With help of this tool you will be able to evaluate the usability of your website. Crazy Egg gives you possibility to see what parts of the site are the most interesting to your visitors, so you will be able to improve the weakest parts of the website and, as a result, improve conversion.


This tool gives all-encompassing information about the actions of your competitors, how your visitors came to your website and where did they go afterwards and give you traffic volume data. Paid services of the tool propose keyword tracking, that let you track keywords that send visitors to your site as well as to the site of competitors.

Google Website Optimizer

This free tool, at bottom, acts like the Crazy Egg – helps to find out what parts of the website are the most productive. Test any part of the website and see what users respond best to.


This tool runs A/B testing of the website so you will be able to test and improve it.


With its help you can get feedback from the visitors – this tool creates a dashboard where you can ask questions to your visitors.