Tools and Sources for Tooltips Creation

Tooltips are the best way to provide essential information for users, but the ways of implementing them differ greatly. Here you will find useful information about JavaScript and CSS ways to get tooltips:

JavaScript & jQuery


Probably the best way to implement tooltips and to take an advantage of multiple options.


This plugin is easy to use and proposes many options to choose from. The tips of this tool have peculiar design that you can use to your advantage.

Javascript Tooltip

This tool enables positioning options and image embeds. This tool is simplicity itself, though, accomplishes the work brilliantly.

SkinnyTip JavaScript Tooltip Library

This tool may look ancient, though it still works efficiently and the whole library weights less than 10kb.


This tool works on all the most popular browsers and gives a possibility to use animation and rounded corners of tips.


User-friendly, plain and simple tool that proposes some visual loading effects.


This tool is relatively new, HTML5 valid, works with all popular browsers and customizable with CSS.

Tooltip – jQuery UI

This tool proposes not tooltips only, there are plenty of other goodies in the library that can improve the quality of your paper.


The author of this plugin is Drew Wilson, creator of Screeny, Space Box, Pictos and many other great software. The tool is superlight (less than 3.5kb) but still efficient.


With help of this tool you will be able to customize given tips or create your own one using JavaScript and CSS.


This tool proposes only essential features that are really necessary for proper usage of tooltips.

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Tooltips


This tools sticks tooltip to the cursor or puts it over the partner item.


This tool is essential help for those who want to learn to build plugins from the very beginning.


This plugin enables user to apply tooltips in several ways.