How to Improve the Quality and Quantity of Website Traffic?

No matter what is the size of your company, marketing will always play a great role in its success. For some people the necessity to dive deep in the Internet depths is frightening, effective tools are able to land a helping hand and develop an effective digital strategy.

Here are some tips that can help you to increase online traffic:

  1. Get acquainted with SEO. This is a foundation of any work connected with traffic. Correct usage of SEO will boost the ranking level of your site, the position of the site in the results of the search engine will be higher so the users will have more chances to visit your page. SEO works in both on- and off-page directions so it is necessary to work with both. Hire a specialist or if you have enough time, try to do it single-handed.
  2. Use proper keywords. Well-thought-out description and correctly selected keywords is a half of success. Optimize your texts on pages so the site will be easily searchable. With help of Google’s Keyword Planner select 5-10 keywords with high ranking and low competition and implement them to your website.
  3. The content of the site should be changing, so the site will be considered as dynamic and dynamic ones always rank higher.
  4. Programmers of the site have to implement the keywords to the structural attributes of a site as well as to page titles and website addresses.
  5. Interact with key influencers and bloggers. The voice of the community should vote for you and your website and describe what you are doing, and all blogs should have a link to your site. As a result, the ranking will grow even higher. Write a guest-post, it is also another efficient way to place your link in popular place.
  6. The site should be responsive and mobile-friendly, with new Google algorithm this option became hugely important.
  7. Use pay-for-click ads. Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Ads can help you to drive visitors to the site. Or you can use assistance of the third-party advertising platforms.
  8. Video has higher search results rather than images or other kind of content. Host a video on your site and the results won’t be slow to appear.