The Most Important Developers’ Life Hacks for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is considered to be the best web browser for a reason – it is constantly improving, has a great set of features and options and frequently updated. All developers are acquainted with the most helpful features like live-editing CSS, however, it is a tip of the iceberg. In fact, Google Chrome has many other useful features any developer should know about. Here are some tips that will help you to boost your performance and simplify and fasten the workflow:

  • Google Chrome has the similar option of searching and opening any file of the project like Sublime Text does. The combination of Ctrl+P when DevTools is opened will give you an access to any file.
  • Combination of Ctrl + Shift + F will help you to search for a specific code string or Regular expression in all files of the project.
  • Ctrl + G enables developer to jump to any line of the code in the Sources tab file – simply write the number of the line and you are there. Alternative way to do so is to press Ctrl+O and then “:number line”
  • The DevTools console has many additional useful features not many developers know about – look through the Command Line API to find all of them.
  • Set several carets at a time – when you write them, hold Ctrl and click in all places where you want that carets to be – thus you will be able to save time.
  • If you want to find hidden bugs on the page, use Preserve Log option.
  • With help of the Pretty Print button any minimized code will get a readable version.
  • Device mode allows to code pages that will look great not only on PC screens but also on mobile devices.
  • Device Mode of Google Chrome also allows to simulate the touch screen of mobile device as well as many other features of mobile device like GPS location tracking
  • Select a color for your page with help of color picker available at the Styles editor.