How to Add Hints and Tooltips to Web Forms?

Nowadays neat JavaScript hints added onto forms are the most convenient wat to gather user input as they improve the readability of the website. Users will more likely use forms that are responsive than with a static design. That is why developers prefer to use plugins that add responsive hints and tooltips like:


It is a free jQuery plugin that creates custom tooltips and works in all browsers. With help of this tool you can add static text, images or any other content and change the way of appearing of the tooltip. The tool is user-friendly and easily customizable.


This plugin creates progress tooltips for any kind of web form. How it works? When the user successfully fills in a field, the progress indicator increases. This tool encourages users to make it to the end.


On the one hand, the labels are almost completely replaced by HTML5 placeholder texts. On the other they are needed when fields have already been filled. The configuration of the tool is really simple –the label is seen as a placeholder, and when you enter a test, it will float above the field.


This tool simplifies the process of validation, though here coding language is required. However, this tool is still better than attempts to code your own validation library.


With help of this tool you will be able to create tooltips with custom skins, animation and callbacks. You will be able to use data taken from Ajax/JSON or Ajax/MySQL and API.


Easy to install and work with, this tool allows you to create a tooltip using a few lines of JavaScript code.


This tool enhances date fields giving DD/MM/YYYY version to replace a typical blank input.